Coloring Book

One of the best ways to get your community involved with you on NRHD is to engage children of all ages.  To help, we created a coloring book (which can also be printed as single coloring pages).  You can use the generic file as is or customize the coloring book by adding your logo in the area indicated, and filling in the ‘blank’ page with details about your organization like the names of your providers, locations, and hours of operation.  Print enough for the children attending elementary school in your community and host a coloring contest. These coloring books are great to keep children occupied in a health clinic sitting area all year!

1. Download the coloring book (.PDF file format) to print or share individual pages. When you download, you will receive both a stacked file and a version that is set-up to print in a spread book format.
2. While in the document, click on the “Tools” tab located in the upper right corner.
3. Go to the “Content” tab under Tools and select “Edit Text and Objects,” and select, “Edit Object.” Place the cursor over the area of the pages where your logo is to be and right- click (ctrl-click on Mac) and select, “Place Image.” Locate your logo file (.jpg or .png) and press OK. You can resize the image by placing your cursor in the corners. You can also rotate it, and crop it too.
4. To add details about your NRHD events and activities on the blank page provided, or any
information you’d like to share about your providers, office hours, etc., go to the “Tools” Tab, then click on the “Content Tab,” and then “Edit Text and Objects” followed by selecting “Add or Edit Text Box” Move your cursor to the area provided within the file and simply type your information.