RME Collaborative


Rural Medical Education (RME) Collaborative, a division of Talem Health, aims to support the educational needs of rural health care professionals by providing high-quality, evidence-based continuing medical education. Through strategic partnerships and planning, we customize our educational programs to meet the unique challenges faced by rural populations and providers.

RME Collaborative carefully selects formats and methods that support rural health professionals in their practice environment. We leverage technology to ensure providers have access to the education they need to treat patients with complex health problems. With the help of our collaborative partners, we effectively understand the needs, expand our reach, and strengthen our impact. 

Above all, RME Collaborative is committed to taking the distance out of learning.

The Chartis Group


Since 2010, The Chartis Center for Rural Health has explored the stability of the rural health safety net. Despite continued downward pressure on rural hospital operating margins and health disparities, our research indicates that rural hospitals are successfully moving the needle on performance and delivering higher quality care. 

Data on this year’s Top 100 Critical Access Hospitals show performance levels at or exceeding the 80th percentile in areas such as Quality, Patient Perspective, and Charges. Iowa leads the nation with the most 2019 Top 100 CAHs with 15, followed by Nebraska (9), North Dakota (9), and Wisconsin (8). In all, 24 states are represented this year. 

Nearly 40 percent of this year’s Top 100 CAHs have received this honor more than five times, while 19 hospitals earned Top 100 status for the first time in 2019. These statistics demonstrate both an ability to sustain a higher level of performance and apply proven strategies for improvement to current financial and operational practices. Learn more at ChartisRural.com. 

AB Med Healthcare Solutions Celebrating NRHD!

AB Med Healthcare Solutions is celebrating NRHD 2019 by supporting the rural healthcare facilities in their fight to break the barriers to healthcare access in their communities. Follow our campaign on our blog www.myabmed.com/community, social media @ABMEDSolutions or contact DRice@myABMed.com.

Bakersfield College Celebrates NRHD!

Bakersfield College is promoting the power of rural! Their community college is hosting a Rural Poverty and Health Equity Summit with regional and statewide Rural Health leaders.

Please Contact:
janalynn.castillo@bakersfieldcollege.edu for additional questions

Event Location:
Delano, CA

Event Time:
8:15 am-Noon

Download Event Flyer:
Click Here

Frontier Nursing University is Celebrating National Rural Health Day with a Free Virtual Event.

Frontier Nursing University is celebrating National Rural Health Day with a free Virtual Event. We will offer free online sessions that celebrate the power of rural throughout the day on November 21st, 2019.

There is an opportunity to earn continuing education with our live session at Noon. Those interested can register now at www.frontier.edu/NRHD to receive instructions on accessing the live or recorded sessions.

Event Details:
Visit www.frontier.edu/NRHD
Event Time:
9 am to 5 pm ET

IRHA Rural Summit

We are hosting our Rural Summit on November 21st for Critical Access Hospitals, rural health clinics, and rural hospitals. We have a very robust agenda to talk about all things rural health!

We also have a “Quote Campaign” going on where we have asked staff members, board members, and other rural health leaders questions about why rural health is important to them and we are posting these on all of our social media pages. We also made a short video.

You can find a summary of our celebrations here:

Sickle Cell Disease Association of America

The Sickle Cell Disease Association of America is proud to support National Rural Health Day 2019! Serving both urban and rural communities across the country, SCDAA knows the true power of rural and a connected community in serving patients with Sickle Cell Disease.

That’s why this year, SCDAA is launching its SCD Peer to Peer Mentoring Program for Transitioning Patients from Pediatric to Adult Care! In remote areas, our patients are challenged with connecting with others diagnosed with SCD and SCD trained providers. Our hopes, that the SCDAA Peer to Peer Mentoring Program will not only support patients but encourage communities across the United States to come together and “Plug Into The Power of Rural”.

The goal of the program is to give support to those individuals who are completing the transitional phase from pediatrics to adult care. It will consist of 1-on-1 phone calls and/or text messages that will focus on healthy living with sickle cell disease. To learn more about our other services for patients with SCD please visit: https://www.sicklecelldisease.org/

For more resources for patients, providers, and caregivers, please visit our SCD online repository at https://sicklecelldisease.net/

SCDAA will have staff available to review and answer questions for anyone wishing to serve as a mentor or mentee with Sickle Cell Disease.

Alaska Department of Health & Social Services Joins in the NRHD Celebrations

The Alaska Department of Health & Social Services is joining the NRHD celebrations! Here’s what they have planned:

1. They will be promoting the Alaskan Community Star.

2. They will be sending an op-ed letter to all the newspapers about NRHD and the good work they are doing in Alaska.

3. They will be watching The Provider documentary in rural communities. The link will be sent to our CAHs and university’s to show the film and then discuss the film using the discussion guide.

The Michigan Center for Rural Health NRHD Scavenger Hunt

For our Annual Critical Access Hospital Conference we will be having an NRHD themed scavenger hunt! Each Exhibitor for our conference will be given a special QR code. Participants will use a QR scanner to access a fun Rural Michigan Fact. Within that fact is a bolded/underlined word that corresponds to a fill-in-the-blank, key NRHD phrase. Once the phrase has been completed, participants will turn them in to be eligible for a prize drawing at the end of the conference!

Event Details:
Annual Critical Access Hospital Conference | 2-day Conference
Traverse City, MI