Celebrating Rural Health Leaders | 2017 Community Stars

On National Rural Health Day, 2017, it is my honor and privilege to introduce this year’s collection of “Community Stars.”

The National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health began collecting and sharing these inspiring and impactful stories two years ago. From Alabama to Oregon, from Pennsylvania to Nebraska and many points in between, rural communities are so very fortunate to have this stand out-group of dedicated men and women working, many in a volunteer capacity, to improve, protect, and advance health and wellness for those who call rural home.

Community Star nominators shared the areas where they felt their Star excelled as it relates to the Pledge. Most were eager to point to several examples of how and where their nominee exemplified the essence of the Pledge. After reading their stories and learning about their work, we have done our best to shine a light on every aspect of each of their tremendous contributions.

On behalf of your partners in the 50 SORH and the staff of the NOSORH, we wish each Community Star every success as you work to improve health in rural America.

Happy National Rural Health Day 2017!

Teryl Eisinger,
NOSORH Executive Director

Congratulations to the 2017 Community Stars!

Cassie Marie Banks, NE
Boone County Health Center, NE
Brown County Hospital Auxiliary, NE
Debbie Bruner, KS
Debra Button, OK
Chadron Community Hospital, NE
Jodi Cregger, KS
Micah Gursky, PA
Meredith “Dee” Hall, PA
Harlan County Health System, NE
Misty Jimerson, KS
Donna Kluck, MI
David Kohs, MN
Julie Levy, NE
Ariel Lufkin, OK
Shane McGuire, WA
Angela Murray, KS
Beth and Michael Oller, KS
Cindy Perry/Mercy Hospital Tishomingo, OK
Brenda Pfizenmaier, KS
Timothy Reeves, PA
Jim and Pat Rowe, NV
Sherry Sandlin, KS
Donna Singer, UT
Kathy Swanda, NE
Erik Thorsen, OR
Craig Val Davidson, UT
Carolyn VanWert, MI
Benny Yoder, PA
Don Ziegler, KS
John Waits, AL