Dear Partners in Rural Health,

Thank you for all of the steadfast work you have done to improve rural health and partner with State Offices of Rural Health this year and throughout the years. Whether you’ve been a long-time sponsor, become a National Rural Health Day devotee, or are a new friend on social media I appreciate the value you bring to our organization, to the fifty State Offices of Rural Health and rural communities and providers across the nation.

Individually, what we do to advance, protect, and enhance health care in rural America is quite amazing. Our collective efforts need to continue to focus on the positive and what works. This has been the foundation of our work on National Rural Health Day, and the results have been remarkable. Your support of our mission to build the capacity of State Offices of Rural Health and their partners is essential to these national efforts.

Each year, we work to build on the success of National Rural Health Day by growing the Power of Rural campaign. Our goal is to bring together rural voices to educate, collaborate, innovate and communicate to improve the health of rural people and ensure vital rural providers and communities. I believe the true power of rural is what we learn and build together, and now that rural America is in the national spotlight, we have new opportunities to have our collective, positive voices heard.

Any time of the year is a good time to become a sponsor and partner of the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health. In doing so, your organization becomes a part of the important work of State Offices of Rural Health. As a sponsor, we will recognize your support through our ongoing Power of Rural campaign, on National Rural Health Day, at our Annual Meetings, and in the many platforms, we use to promote our work on behalf of an estimated 57 million people across America’s magnificent rural landscape.

Finally, I offer a special note of thanks to NOSORH’s valued partners including our Exclusive Partner, The Chartis Group, our new Rural Champion Partner, RME Collaborative, Platinum Partners, Compliance Team and AAAASF, and finally, our Gold Partners, Stroudwater and The Center for Optimizing Rural Health. Each of their contributions support the important work of our State Offices of Rural Health and for that, we are grateful.

Teryl Eisinger
Executive Director

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