Invest in Our Mission

Thank you to all those whose steadfast commitment and work contributes to improving rural health and supports the essential work of State Offices of Rural Health (SORH) this year and throughout the years.

Whether you’ve been a long-time investing partner with NOSORH, have taken the Power of Rural Pledge, are an ardent supporter and contributor of National Rural Health Day, I appreciate the value you bring to our organization and all 50 SORH.

Each year, we work to build on the success of National Rural Health Day by growing the Power of Rural campaign. Together with our partners, collaborators, and SORH, NRHD is has grown beyond expectations. When you join us, you, too, will benefit from our wide-scale NRHD efforts!

With your support, you can help us continue to reach our goal to bring together rural voices to educate, collaborate, innovate, and communicate to improve the health of rural people and ensure vital rural providers and communities. I believe the real power of rural is what we learn and build together. Now that rural America is in the national spotlight more than ever before, we have new opportunities to have our collective, positive voices heard.

Any time of the year is an excellent time to become a partner of NOSORH. In doing so, your organization becomes a part of the critical work of SORH. As an investing partner, we will recognize your support through our ongoing Power of Rural campaign, at our Annual Meetings, on National Rural Health Day, as well as through the many programs and platforms we use to promote our work on behalf of an estimated 57 million people across America’s magnificent rural landscape.

Finally, I extend a very special thanks to the partners listed below. Their investment in NOSORH is appreciated beyond words. I invite you to explore a partnership that fits your mission and look forward to welcoming you as an essential partner in our mission to transform a moment into a movement!

Teryl Eisinger
Executive Director

We’re Making an Impact

The 2019 Impact Statement details all the ways National Rural Health Day is making an impact at the national, state and local levels!