Power of Rural in
Their Words

A collection of inspirational thoughts from rural America's brightest stars.

We sat down with our 2021 Community Stars and asked them what resiliency, resolve, relationships and readiness meant to them and the communities they serve.


You will find a unique endurance quality in those who choose rural health as their career path.


Although resources are often constrained, you’ll find rural health professionals are masterfully skilled at securing solutions.


Behind the story of rural health heroes are extraordinary people collaborating to make rural life better.  


The work of those committed to rural vitality is never-ending. The challenges they encounter are met with determination.

“When you are resilient, you have got to be willing to push forward, when others are not pushing forward. When you fail, you’ve got to learn from it. You’ve got to get back up and you’ve got to try again.  I think that is a really good word for rural.”

Kathy Schwarting, MHA
South Carolina