Spectrum Enterprise is Educating Rural Providers About the Importance of Fiber Connectivity

We plan to promote #PowerofRural in organic social the week of Nov. 4 leading up to Nov. 21 National Rural Health Day. Our content will educate rural providers about the importance of fiber connectivity and the positive impact it can have on rural patients. For rural providers/stakeholders who are already aware of the Rural Health Care Funding Program and the Telecommunications Program, we’ll empower them to obtain funding. And for those who are not aware of the program, we’ll educate them about the funding program and also empower them to get connected and obtain funding to help off-set some of their costs. We also plan to promote #PowerofRural via online display ads and emails to all of our rural healthcare clients. In addition, will work with our sellers to ask their rural healthcare clients to send them photos and an email of what the power of rural means to them. So that our social team can include it in a blog post.