Azalea Health Celebrates NRHD

Azalea is excited to participate in this year’s National Rural Health Day.

Last year was a great experience and we want to make it bigger and better this year!

Here is our plan:

  1. Share rural stories:
    We are asking customers and other healthcare providers in rural communities why their facility matters. We’re also getting stories internally from people who grew up in rural communities on what makes rural strong and wonderful. Our hope is to turn this into a compelling video.
  2. Walk to spread awareness:
    Similar to last year, but we are hoping to walk even more miles, in more areas. And, we may even live stream it!
    Event Time: 11:00AM – 12:00PM (Tentative)
  3. Social Media:
    We are compiling relevant healthcare statistics and will be sharing across various platforms.

For more information about Azalea Health’s celebrations, visit: