Washington State Art Contest

The Office of Rural Health at the Washington State Department of Health is continuing its highly successful calendar art contest that results in a 13-month wall calendar. Students (K-12) of the State of Washington are asked to draw a picture of what makes their rural area a healthy and great place to live. Students whose art is selected receive prizes. All art is available (with the parent or guardian’s permission) to the agency to use in publications both internally & externally. Eastern Washington University and Western Washington University have been long partners and with their help, we have engaged public library and school districts both small and large

Following up and expanding last year’s effort to inform internal partners we doubled the number of informational bulletins to celebrate National Rural Health. Every week through November and after NRHD we will post on the following topic areas: What is Rural Health Day? Who are the members of the Office of Rural Health? What are the facts about Rural Health? This last one will include a link to the NOSORH/NRHD video The Providers. And the final posting will show the winners of the calendar contest.