Ways to Celebrate!

Here are some creative ways to celebrate the #PowerofRural.

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CHeck out past celebrations!

State Offices of Rural Health and Rural Health Stakeholders

Host a Meeting or Conference on NRHD

Produce Rural Health Fact Sheets, Videos or Other Educational Materials

Host a Statewide Rural Photo Contest

Add the NRHD Logo to Your Website, Email Signature and Presentation Slides

Obtain Gubernatorial/
Legislative Proclamation Recognizing National Rural Health Day

Launch a Community-wide Project to Make Signs that Read, #PowerofRural or
“I ♡ Rural Health”

Nominate an Individual or Organization to be a Community Star

Hospitals & Rural Health Providers

Display NRHD Posters in your Office

Provide a Staff Appreciation Lunch

Wear an NRHD
T-shirt to Work

Distribute NRHD Swag (Shirts, Pens, etc.) to Staff

Share Data About Your Rural Facility or Community

Lead and Facilitate a Discussion on Health Equity and What it Means to Your Facility/Community

Honor Your Staff & Volunteers on Social Media

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Community Members

Send a note to your healthcare team thanking them for their dedication to serving a rural population

Record a “Why I’m grateful for my rural health provider” video and post it on social media

Make an “I Love Rural Health Heroes” sign and snap a photo

Commit to at least ONE healthy activity! Bike instead of driving, quit smoking, or volunteer to make your community healthier

Write a letter to the editor or contact policymakers to stress the importance of addressing the health needs of rural communities

Take a drive out to a rural area and enjoy the scenery! Post photos or videos of your adventures and use the #powerofrural hashtag

Teachers & Schools

Download the NRHD coloring book for your students. Have them deliver pages to local healthcare providers

Create a NRHD poster with thank you messages or drawings. Deliver it to your local hospital/clinic

Sponsor a rural health-themed poster or essay contest

Host a virtual career day - invite a doctor, nurse, EMT, or administrator from your rural hospital or clinic, and ask them to share what they do

Wear an NRHD t-shirt

Ask students to interview a community or family member working in rural health and write an essay on that person

Small Businesses

Show appreciation to your local rural health professionals by providing them with discounts or exclusive offers

Use the #PowerofRural and #NationalRuralHealthDay hashtags on social media

Donate to your local rural health organization’s volunteer corps

Kick off a “wellness while we work” campaign and engage all employees to participate

On National Rural Health Day, offer a discount code like “NRHD10” for 10% off a purchase

Social Media Ideas

Use the #PowerofRural and #NationalRuralHealthDay hashtags on social media

Share a story about your doctor, a nurse or other healthcare provider who has made a positive impact on your life

Share social media graphics we've made available. Click the button below.

Share inspiring news and information about your local healthcare providers on social channels

Post a video sharing your favorite things about rural living or talk about what NRHD means to you

Follow @NOSORH on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for the latest NRHD announcements

Host (or participate in) a Twitter chat on an important rural health topic, like @ruralhealthinfo and @nosorh

Past Celebration Examples