What is the Power of Rural Pledge?

The Power of Rural Pledge was designed to help us strategically align with people and organizations wanting to achieve higher performance and visibility, optimize our collective contributions, and realize complementary objectives that advance the rural health mission.

The Four Components



Commit to forging new relationships that will bring additional resources into the rural healthcare fold.

Invite competitors to become thought partners, helping to find synergies that result in achieving important goals.

Share ideas, resources and information with industry and non-industry contacts alike, seeking ways to work together in the common interest of rural health and wellness.


Use all available channels and mediums to spread the word about the Power of Rural.

Follow, Like, Forward, Post, and Pin stories, ideas, facts, and opportunities to partner with those who are working to make a difference in rural healthcare.

Stay connected with NOSORH and SORHs throughout the year.


Initiate frequent discussions designed to inform stakeholders about the real issues facing rural health providers.

Inform those entering the healthcare workforce about the great and fulfilling opportunities to care for rural communities.

Share facts and information about the needs to improve access and outcomes with those who influence policy and the allocation of resources.


Commit to developing ideas, programs and models that continue to transform and positively impact rural healthcare delivery.

Challenge partners and community leaders to explore new approaches to reach at-risk rural populations.

Engage partners from non-healthcare industries to help create additional solutions to prevailing challenges.

Together we can make a greater impact! Take the Power of Rural Pledge!